Month: December 2009

Linux Storage

Logical Volume Management

Logical Volume Management provides a great deal of flexibility allowing you to dynamically re-allocate blocks of space to different file systems.  Traditional volume manage relies upon strict partition boundaries separating […]


Exploring /etc/fstab

I have been working with linux for a long time but from time to time I come to a very simple concept that I should have already known.  I have […]

Linux Oracle

Oracle 11gR2 Rac GNS Systems Requirements

Oracle Clusterware has introduced a whole bunch of new features.  One of the key features is the ability for DBA’s to add nodes without massive modification from DBA’s.   This feature […]

Linux Storage VMWare

Rescan SCSI on Linux

I constantly need to add disk to fiber channel based linux systems.  Here are a few methods that work for me: Locate the location of your HBA’s: ls -al /sys/class/scsi_host/ […]

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