Month: January 2010

Linux Security

Linux Password strength

It’s a pain to enforce password length it always causes you to reset passwords over and and over again but it does provide better security. So here is how you […]


Locking Linux Accounts

In order to lock a linux account a change of the password is the best option. Linux provides an automated method for locking accounts. To Lock an account (change password […]


Linux password expiration and warnings

We all know changing your password every so often is a good idea. Along with the idea of changing your password come the idea of forcing users to change their […]

Linux Storage

Find Linux WWID’s and Fiber Channel Storage

Enterprise Linux the very term usually refers to some type of storage area network normally fiber channel.   In all my experience I have not yet met a storage administrator who […]

iptables Linux

iptables Block all outgoing traffic

What is the use of blocking out going traffic?  Imagine if you have a web server and you want to allow customers to access your webserver but you do not […]

iptables Linux

iptables Personal PC Firewalls

The average personal PC has need to be able to reach out into the internet and communicate but no need for people to reach from the internet to your PC.  […]

iptables Linux

iptables Block all traffic

You want to stop all traffic.  Allowing nothing in our out. iptables -A INPUT -j REJECT iptables -A OUTPUT -j REJECT iptables -A FORWARD -j REJECT

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