Month: February 2010


Postfix Hide hostnames and subdomains from your relay

So your setting up a mail relay or mail agent and your want to strip off the hostname or subdomain before the message gets to the internet:  for example your […]

iptables Linux

Block outgoing smtp except to an approved relay in iptables

Just like most sysadmins I have to deal with developers who want to zip off a quick email after their application finishes processing, sounds good right?  Yes it is… but […]

iptables Linux Oracle

Oracle 11gR2 Rac GNS iptables

Well here goes another Oracle 11gR2 note for you all out there.  Let me just say Oracle’s documentation either does not exist or is so buried it’s impossible to find […]


Testing smtp manually

From time to time is really helps to be able to manually test smtp via good old telnet.   Every smtp command is provided via text commands.  Here is a simple […]


Command Line arguments to your shell script in linux

Passing command line arguments to shell scripts allow you to re-use a lot of scripts.  In shell scripts the command you execute is always the reserved variable of $0 each […]

Linux Nagios

Template for Generic Nagios Plugin

I love nagios it’s the perfect way to monitor linux.  Monitoring command can be written in almost any language: nagios expects a exit code and a exit string and it […]

Linux MythTV

Delete old recordings on MythTV

About once a year I have to delete a history of old recorded shows on my Myth box so I can record the show again.   You can do this via […]

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