Month: May 2010

General Linux

Installing new versions of Java on RHEL

RHEL includes the alternatives command providing the ability to point your users to different versions of software while not changing their links to the command.  For example if you wanted […]

Linux Storage


Finding information about your fibre channel cards in RHEL is pretty easy with qlogic cards look at:

files in here provide a log of info WWID’s are stored in: […]


Vmware ESX change service console memory

So everytime you setup ESX you need to max out your service console memory to 800MB’s this can be done two ways.. the service console or gui both require that […]

Linux Storage

Backup and restore your mbr (master boot record)

In Linux making block level copies of area’s is easy with the magical dd utility.   So to backup the mbr (first 512 bytes)  use this command (assuming your boot drive […]

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