Month: September 2010


Intro to Linux: PHP information

It’s really common to want to review your php setup.  The easiest way is the php function phpinfo();  the following will run from the command line or from a web […]

Linux Linux Basics

Intro to Linux: Users and groups

In another blog post I talked about how to control file permissions but I never talked about users and groups.  In linux users groups and passwords are stored in files.  […]

Linux Basics Security

Intro to Linux: Securing Root

As most of your are aware on a linux system root is the administrative account.  It’s also the one account that exists on most linux systems.  It is critical that […]


Brocade Fiber Switches Clear stats

Well time to gather stats and clear them again.. log into your brocade switch via ssh and type the following command:

To see the stats you can run: […]


Intro to Linux: tar

Tar stands for tape archive it’s a old unix way of collecting lots of files into a single file for transport or storage on a tape drive.  Later authors have […]

Linux Basics

Intro to Linux: Basic Commands

Now that you have logged into your server via ssh your all ready to navigate around the command line.  You start out in your home directory.  This is a location […]

Linux Basics

Intro to Linux: SSH

I have a good friend who is just starting on Linux so I have chosen to write a series of posts for people new to linux to help them find […]

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