Month: October 2010


Add a port group to a dvSwitch Vmware

dvSwitches are great unless you have to add 100 port groups to them with some pattern.  Power CLI can solve that issue.   You have to identify your dvSwitch by right […]


Mysql Backup’s

Backing up your mysql instance can be a pain.  The following two commands work great… Your backup user only needs select and Lock table rights. mysqldump -u username -p’password‘ -f […]


iptables: Samba

Ports that Samba uses Samba uses NetBIOS ports 137,138 udp and 139 tcp. It also uses port 445 for SMB file sharing without NetBIOS. Sample iptables rules for Samba: SAMBA_SERVER=”″ […]

Linux Linux Basics

Linux Boot Process

This will document the x86 boot process from a linux perspective. This document will attempt to provide a technical overview if you are not comfortable with hexidecimal, octal or binary […]


Network Protocol: ARP

ARP – Network Layer Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is used in networking to resolves IP addresses to MAC address. It allows machines on a network to talk node to node […]

General Networking

Network Protocol: Mac Address

Mac Addresses – Data Layer Each physical network interface card (NIC) has a unique identifer assigned to that NIC.   This unique identifier is called a Mac Address.  A mac address […]


Network Protocol: IP

IP – Network Layer Internet Protocol is the end to end addressing system used on the Internet with the Domain name system to identify unique hosts. Host and Net An […]

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