Month: September 2013


Lots of new posts

Yes I have added a ton of posts in the last few minutes this is because I just moved everything from my other blog back here.  I am making a […]

PowerCli VMWare

PowerCLI List all VMDK disks and what datastore they are on

Once an a while I need to list all my vmdk’s and what datastore they are on… So I created this script with output to CSV:


Disk VMWare

NFS for virtual machines Why?

A lot of shops are using NFS for VMFS datastores.  A lot of custom VMware storage arrays use it too like Tintri.  Why?  Well it brings some advantages to the tables. […]

Disk VMWare

Files that make up a virtual machine ESXi

For the longest time I always wondered what exactly all those files inside your directory do and their purpose so here is a handy guide. Configuration File -> VM_name.vmx Swap […]

PowerCli VMWare

Powercli – How to get Vmware tools version

Classic problem keeping vmware tools up to date.   Here is a set of power shell scripts to help you figure out what machines have old tools and need updates.  I […]

PowerCli VMWare

Powercli Basics Part 1

We all have to start somewhere so what better place than the basics. I kept jumping into complex scripts without working out the basics. For years I have written scripts […]

PowerCli VMWare

Powercli Basics Part 2

Welcome to part 2 we are going to expand on our last code slice:

Which produces a nice list of the CpuUsageMhz and MemoryUsageGB per node.   Now we […]

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