Month: December 2013



A quick puppet config.  I always run into issues where I need a node to be in multiple groups in my nodes.pp  I have solved this by creating a generic […]


Jumbo Frames per port group

A new friend recently pointed out that jumbo frames can be enabled on a port group basis just like vlan tagging.  I never noticed that… it’s a huge difference in […]

Networking VMWare

vcloud Director my virtual machine cannot get http to work unless it’s on the same node as vShield Edge

The name says most of it.  You have a ORG vapp that cannot get http to work.  DNS works.. telnet works but true http connections will not work.  I spent […]

Networking VMWare

Vsphere Issue Guest Unable to collect IPv4 routing table

Yesterday Morning I showed up for work and found a virtual machine all buggered up due to some application errors in java.  My only recourse was a timely reboot.  During […]


VMware Vsphere Network Partitions

So I have known about network partitions for a long time mostly due to the vsphere clustering deep dive one of the best vsphere books around.   But I was having […]

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