vRealize Orchestrator Posts

Here is a collection of my vRealize orchestrator posts to help you in your automation journey.


Configuring a NSX load balancer from API

A customer asked me this week if there was any examples of customers configuring the NSX load balancer via vRealize Automation.   I was surprised when google didn’t turn up any examples.  The NSX API guide (which is one of the best guides around) provides the details for how to call each element.  You can […]

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vRO scriptable task to return top level folder of a VM

Every so often you have nested folders in a vCenter and want to return only the top level folder.  Here is a function to return the top level folder only:


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vRO add all virtual machines to NSX exception list

Almost everyone is using a brownfield environment to implement NSX.   Switching the DFW firewall to deny all is the safest bet but hard to do with brownfield environments.   Denying all traffic is a bad idea.  Doing a massive application conversion at once into DFW rules is not practical.  One method to solve this […]

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vRO Scriptable tasks

An old friend contacted me today with some vRO questions.  He is struggling with learning vRO like so many administrators before him.  It’s not easy to learn vRO it’s a very different type of programming.  Once you learn the basics of the editor and especially JavaScript in scriptable tasks it becomes really powerful.  So a […]

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vRo scriptable task to return the top level folder for a VM

Have you been nesting your virtual machines deep into folders.  If you want to return only the top level folder you can do it with this simple javascript function.  It can also be turned into a action if you would rather:


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vRO Scriptable task issue with get all hosts

I was working with some scriptable tasks in vRO around hosts and ran into an issue calling the script.  It would fail when hosts were disconnected.  This brings up a good point that you should use good programming practices including checking for valid input (or null) in everything you do.  In this case I can […]

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vRO scriptable task to expand a datastore

A quick vRO time saver.  Here is the scriptable task to expand a datastore.  This is not extents it’s an expand.  In other words the lun has expanded and you want the datastore to use newly available space.   In the next article I will show how to create a vRA service to expand the […]

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vRO scriptable task to identify VMtools

One of the blog articles that gets the most hits on my blog is a article about how to get VMtools status from Powershell.  I figured I would share similar methods using vRO.  If you are wondering the Powershell method takes 10 minutes while the vRO method takes 10 seconds.  It’s pretty impressive. First you […]

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vRO How to get information from Plugins

When I first started with vRO I struggled with how to use elements that the plugins discover.   It was really a struggle because I was used to PowerShell elements.   The real challenge was figuring out how to use the elements provided by the plugins.   The easiest way to explain how to mine this […]

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A way to check DEM health with vRO

I have been doing a lot of vRA so expect more articles.  One concern I had was with a distributed architecture it’s hard outside the vRA web gui to identify failed DEM workers.  I opened a case with VMware BCS (Business critical support – it’s awesome worth every penny) and my engineer Adam provided a […]

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