Networking NSX VMWare

VCIX-NV VMware Certified Implementation Expert Network Virtualization Exam Experience

While attending VMworld I have made a habit of taking advantage of the discounted certifications.   Each year I have pushed into a new certification and given a try.   […]

Networking VMWare

VCIX-NV Study Guide Objective 1.2

To see other posts in this series go here. This section deals with upgrading from older versions of vShield to NSX.   The simple answer is there is a specific […]

Cloud Networking VMWare

vSphere 6.0 What excites me

Yesterday VMware announced the general release of vSphere 6.0.   It is not yet available for download or install but it’s exciting.  There are lots of really awesome new features […]

Networking VMWare

Deep Dive: Configuration Maximums for dVS

Recently I have been thinking about configuration maximums of the current virtual distributed switches.   In the configuration maximum’s document for 5.5 it states the following: – Total virtual network […]

Networking VMWare

VMware NSX how to firewall between IP’s and issues

The first thing everyone does with NSX is try to create firewall rules between IP addresses.  I consider this a mistake because the DFW can key off a lot better […]

Networking VMWare

Deep Dive: How does NSX Distributed Firewall work

This is a continuation of my posts on NSX features you can find other posts on the Deep Dive page.   My favorite feature of VMware NSX is the Distributed […]

Networking VMWare

Deep Dive: How does NSX Distributed routing work

As a continuation of my previous host How does NSX virtual switch work I am now writing about how the routing works.   I should thank Ron Flax and Elver Sena […]

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