VMWare VMware designs

Design for Platform services controller (PSC)

This is the first part in a series about building PSC architecture the rest of the articles are here: Part 1 Design for Platform services controller  Part 2 Installing Platform […]


NSX Manager still running but disconnected from vCenter

A quick note in case you run into this issue.   I was running into problems where my NSX manager was running and everything seemed fine (NSX manager login / […]

Networking VMWare

VMkernel types updated with design guidance for multi-site

Holy crap what do all these VMware VMkernel type mean?  I started this article and realized I had already written one here.  Sad when google leads you to something you […]

Cloud Rant VMWare

Should IT build a castle or a mobile home?

So I have many hobbies to keep my mind busy during idle times… like when driving a car.   One of my favorite hobbies is to identify the best candidate […]


Breaking out a SSO/PSC to enable enhanced linked mode

The single sign on used to be a fairly painless portion of vCenter (once we got to 5.5, in 5.0 it was a major pain).    It was essentially a […]

Networking NSX vRO

Configuring a NSX load balancer from API

A customer asked me this week if there was any examples of customers configuring the NSX load balancer via vRealize Automation.   I was surprised when google didn’t turn up […]

storage VMWare VSAN

vSphere 6.5 features that are exciting to me

Well yesterday VMware announced vSphere 6.5 and VSAN 6.5  both are huge leaps forward in technology.   They address some major challenges my customers face and I wanted to share […]

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