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CD ISO’s in linux

Every so often I need to mount an ISO image on linux. To mount an ISO you first have to create a mount point for example /mnt/iso then type the […]


Quick Search and Replace inside a file with perl

Almost every day I need to search and replace inside a file.   This is done very easily with vi but a little harder on multiple files.  Take this example I […]


HP spec’s for every machine on your desktop Quick Specs

A co-worker recently introduced me to HP quick specs a easy way to get information on HP servers and PC’s.  It provides all the information required to get part replacements […]

Linux Storage

Check Pagesize in Linux

Recently my DBA’s were asking me what the page size was in linux.  A page size is a logical block of your physical, or virtual memory.  Each type of memory […]

Networking Storage

Brocade Zoning via scripting

Update: If you are looking for instructions for FOS 7 go here. From time to time I have to handle some storage zoning.  I use mostly brocade fiber channel switches.  […]

Networking VMWare

Scripting out vSwitches in VMware

Virtual switches are a fun topic in ESX,  They are unique on each ESX node and not shared across the cluster.  This problem was addressed in ESX 4.0 with distributed […]

Linux Networking

VLAN Tagging in Linux

Recently I have been doing some reworking on networking at work. One of the new requirements is that everything be network connection be a tagged VLAN. This is a pretty […]

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