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Two simple things to improve your life

Warning this is an end of year personal post and has very little to do with technology so if you are looking for a technology post feel free to skip […]


Basic NSX Setup using RESTAPI

In a previous article I used the GUI to deploy a basic NSX setup I wanted to do the same thing using the RESTAPI.   Remember the manual process took me […]


Does understanding the cost of IT really matter?

Welcome to my new form of click bait titles.   I have been thinking about this for a while.   I get to see a lot of different enterprise environments as a […]

Networking NSX VMWare

Basic NSX Network virtualization setup

This post will go over the basic setup for network virtualization in NSX.  This is nothing new or exciting but I figured I would share as more users are deploying […]


PowerShell get the latest VI events

From time to time it’s nice to search the VIEvent log for something specific.   I have found using PowerShell allows you to do this very quickly.   If for […]


Does Cloud + REST API spell the end of GUI

Fun question:  Does API spell the end of the GUI? I started my career as a Solaris and Linux administrators mostly because I felt that working in Windows Server took […]

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