Blade Smithing

Blade Smithing

In the last year I have picked up a hobby making blades from scratch. I wanted to document some of my builds and the process. Most handmade blades found on the internet are created in Pakistan. Many of these knives have variable quality and building materials. Not all of them are even hardenable steel. They drive down the market price so low that it’s impossible to sell knives even for cost. So I make blades as gifts each custom made for the owner. Here is a gallery of my knives that have been gifts.

Walsh Nessmuk Blade #1

The nessmuk knife gains its name from George Washington Sears who wrote for Field and Stream magazine under the pen name “Nessmuk” in the 1880’s.  As a child George was friends with a young Narragansett Indian named Nessmuk (meaning “wood drake”) together they went fishing, hunting and camping.  It is believed he gained his original nessmuk knife from his young friend.   The nessmuk is ideal for slicing and skinning. 

This knife was a gift for a good friend and mentor.

Asp Camp Knife #2

This is your standard camp knife for use spliting wood or cutting food. It was a gift for a retiring employee. Hopefully he will get years of use during his retirement. It has a G10 handle and 1095 steel.

Lockett Nessmuk #3

I made a series of Nessmuks for co-workers who achieved a goal at work comprising Nessmuk 3 – 5.

Cook Nessmuk #4

DeMetrotion Nessmuk #5

This one features a purple heart handle because it’s owner is a wood worker.