Linux Basics

Linux Linux Basics

Disable crontab email to user

So your daily jobs send you email and you want it to stop well just add this to then end of all your cron jobs:   >/dev/null 2>&1   This […]

Linux Linux Basics

Delete all files in a directory older than x days

You need to have a script that deletes all files in a directory older than 7 days well Linux makes this easy:   Assume the directory we want to use […]

Linux Linux Basics

Change permissions or owner on all files Linux

So you have a directory and you want to change permissions on all files in the directory or directories but not the directories themselve it’s easy in linux Assume the […]

Linux Linux Basics

Linux Boot Process

This will document the x86 boot process from a linux perspective. This document will attempt to provide a technical overview if you are not comfortable with hexidecimal, octal or binary […]

Linux Linux Basics

Intro to Linux: Users and groups

In another blog post I talked about how to control file permissions but I never talked about users and groups.  In linux users groups and passwords are stored in files.  […]

Linux Basics Security

Intro to Linux: Securing Root

As most of your are aware on a linux system root is the administrative account.  It’s also the one account that exists on most linux systems.  It is critical that […]

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