Networking NSX

What does apply to mean in NSX Firewall?

When I first started using NSX I ran into this little problem.   What does apply to mean and how should I use it? Background I believe the background for […]

Networking NSX

Greatest tool for NSX!

I want to let you in on a little secret of NSX called Traceflow.   It was made available in the 6.2 release and I am in love with it. […]

General Networking

Network Protocol: Mac Address

Mac Addresses – Data Layer Each physical network interface card (NIC) has a unique identifer assigned to that NIC.   This unique identifier is called a Mac Address.  A mac address […]


Network Protocol: IP

IP – Network Layer Internet Protocol is the end to end addressing system used on the Internet with the Domain name system to identify unique hosts. Host and Net An […]

General Networking

Network Protocols

Protocols are agreed upon standards.  Without protocols computers would be unable to talk to each other.  In networking terms protocols are a lot like languages.  Imagine if this website was […]

Networking Storage

Brocade Zoning via scripting

Update: If you are looking for instructions for FOS 7 go here. From time to time I have to handle some storage zoning.  I use mostly brocade fiber channel switches.  […]

Networking VMWare

Scripting out vSwitches in VMware

Virtual switches are a fun topic in ESX,  They are unique on each ESX node and not shared across the cluster.  This problem was addressed in ESX 4.0 with distributed […]

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