Orchestrator VMWare

Learning basic vRealize Orchestrator Video

I recently posted a video to help people learn basic vRealize Orchestrator.  Here is the video let me know if you have any questions or comments:

Orchestrator VMWare vRO

vRealize Orchestrator scaling with 4K displays

I ran into this issue this week.   vRealize Orchestrator with Windows 10 on 4K displays makes the UI so small not even my seven year old could read it.   For […]

General Orchestrator VMWare vRO

vRO Action to return virtual machines with a specific tag

I am a huge fan of tags in vSphere.   Meta data is the king for modular control and policy based administration.   I wrote a action for a lab I presented […]

Cloud Orchestrator VMWare vRO

Learning vRealize Orchestrator

Recently I provided a lab to learn vRealize Orchestrator to the Austin VMUG.   It’s been too long since I attended a VMUG meeting due to moving to Dallas.   It was […]

Orchestrator VMWare

Video’s on how to use vRealize Orchestrator

A few weeks ago I presented on Automation at the Louisville VMUG.   During the session I mentioned that using vRealize Orchestrator is really a good skill to learn.  It […]

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