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Double your storage capacity without buying a new storage shelf

I spent a good portion of my career moving storage from one array to another.   The driver is normally something like this: Cost of older array (life cycle time) […]

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vSphere 6.5 features that are exciting to me

Well yesterday VMware announced vSphere 6.5 and VSAN 6.5  both are huge leaps forward in technology.   They address some major challenges my customers face and I wanted to share […]

storage VMWare

Pernix Data 30 days later

I have been interested in Pernix data since its initial release the idea of using flash to accelerate storage is not new to me.   Anyone who reads my blog based […]

storage VMWare

Change in VMware 5.5 U2 ATS can cause storage outages!

Update:  VMware has posted the following KB and there is a really good article by Comac Hogan on the matter.   I have also posted a PowerCLI script to resolve […]

storage VMWare

Storage vMotion and Change block Tracking are now friends

A lot of readers may be aware that storage vMotion is a awesome feature that I love.  It had one nasty side effect it reset change block tracking (CBT).  This […]

storage VMWare

Enable Stateless Cache on Auto Deploy

Auto Deploy Really? Yes a big autodeploy post is going to be following up soon.   I can really seen the benefit of auto deploy in larger environments.  I’ll be […]

storage VMWare

Warning to all readers using Snapshot CBT based backups

Over the last few days I have become aware of a pretty nasty bug with VMware Snapshot API based backups (Any Image based solutions that is not array based and […]

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