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Networking NSX

Redeploy NSX Edges to a different cluster / datacenter

First Issue my bad I ran into an interesting issue in my home lab.  I recently replaced all my older HP servers with Intel NUC’s.  I could not be happier […]


Powershell Functions for tags

Some quick powershell functions for tags in ESXi enjoy:


Public cloud has forced change

Readers will immediately cry foul of this title.   Public cloud adoption is not huge and even in the most die hard cloud only shops it’s only around 40%.   […]


Operational aspects of HCI video

While attending VMworld 2017 I presented on some of the operational aspects of hyper-converged infrastructure.   I believe the key takeaways were: Hyper-converged is more than just storage to gain […]


How to operate IT with full Velocity

I was honored to be able to present this last week at VMworld 2017.   I have always been a huge supporter of vBrownBag and was really happy to present […]


How can you make IT agile?

Every single day I hear the new magic word from IT groups:  I need improved agility.   It reminds me of how people talked about going to the cloud.   Agility […]


Upgrading to vSphere 6.5 FAQ

I was recently involved in recording a series of Webinars to help customers understand how to upgrade to vSphere 6.5.   You can see the on demand recordings here:;F:APIUTILS!51004&PageID=747A2F8A-E3DD-451B-8172-0F8F16EB464B […]

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