Central Ohio VMware Lunch and Learn

I have been toying with the idea of starting a community series of lunch and learn sessions to assist people in learning about VMware technology.   I am happy to announce that the first session will be Sep. 25th at Noon at:


OARnet – Bale Conference Room

1224 Kinnear Road

Columbus, OH 43212


It was very kind of my previous employer to be willing to host us for these sessions.   I am excited to announce that VMware education has also provided some certification discount codes for me to pass out.   The format will be a bit loose.  I will be focusing on VCP content but it will be open to discussion.   I want it to be a forum.   I have also invited others to present in the future and hope to make it a monthly occurrence.   The topic for this month with be vSphere networking.  It will be a great refresher course for anyone looking to study for the VCP-NV.    The event it 100% open to the public and we have seating for about 60 people.  There is standing room for about 40 more.   Bring your lunch and join us.  Feel free to contact me via comments or twitter if you have questions or would like to present a future topic.  The one request I have is this is a technical conversation not a sales pitch.  I want it to be a discussion between technical people.


Looking forward to seeing you there.

4 Replies to “Central Ohio VMware Lunch and Learn”

    1. Juan,

      Glad you can make it. Your willingness to travel just makes me want to up my game. No need for sign up just show up. If we fill the house then I will make sign up’s for next time.


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