Delete old recordings on MythTV

About once a year I have to delete a history of old recorded shows on my Myth box so I can record the show again.   You can do this via the frontend but I prefer to hack it out of the database.  All this information is stored in the oldrecorded table inside your myth database.   Before you start deleting make sure you have the correct information by using select statements (for example Stargate Atlantis)

SELECT * FROM oldrecorded WHERE title = ‘Stargate Atlantis’

You can also use wildcards to help locate the title:

SELECT * FROM oldrecorded WHERE title LIKE ‘Stargate%’

Once you are sure your select statement has narrowed down to an exact need then you can delete it

DELETE FROM oldrecorded WHERE title = ‘Stargate Atlantis’

And that’s it 🙂

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