Public cloud has forced change

Readers will immediately cry foul of this title.   Public cloud adoption is not huge and even in the most die hard cloud only shops it’s only around 40%.   I believe public cloud has and will continue to have a transformative effect on private cloud.  The presence of a second option has forced the current options hand.    I will not detail the challenges in public cloud adoption that is a blog post for another day.   I want to focus on elements that public cloud’s presence has forced into our private on-prem. clouds:

  • Life cycle management for hypervisor is now table stakes – gone are the days with hypervisor specific teams – you can roll that cost into the operational budget on public cloud.   Quite simply upgrading / maintaining / tweaking the hypervisor needs to become easier and cost a lot less OpEx.
  • Delivery of traditional IT services need to become transparent and quick – the buzz word agility applies – the business does not care how many engineer’s it takes to screw in the server they just want it now
  • Consumers of IT services don’t like limits or scale issues – all on-prem. offerings need to have some form of elasticity
  • No one really wants or needs IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) they want platform because only platforms provide value to developers who in turn provide value to the business-  Platform has to include multiple servers, networking/networking constructs, security, and authentication.
  • Cost is important like never before… if you don’t control / understand your cost, comparisons will be made to public cloud and you will loose.
  • Service catalogs are only useful if they change and are responsive to business needs (think application development life cycle)
  • Infrastructure people need to learn from development – the future is automated and created by developers who understand infrastructure – you can try to stand still but it will not last.
  • IT shops now want to spend IT budget incrementally very few shops want to buy IT in my company spend every three years. Eventually, they can apply for business loan from this site here. You can also check out Qprofit System Test to learn the latest trend about online investment.

I want to be clear I believe public and especially hybrid cloud should be part of every IT strategy.   It’s a critical reality in our world.   I also believe that private cloud is here to stay for many years but expectations will continue to change based upon public cloud experience.

The real question for me is how will the new edge of IoT force public clouds hand.f

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