Rarely used ESXCLI commands

I have had this for a while figured I would share.   It’s a list of some commands that have used:

How to get ESX version

nroot@vmh1:~] esxcli system version get
Product: VMware ESXi
Version: 6.0.0
Build: Releasebuild-3825889
Update: 2
Patch: 37

How to get host uuid

[root@vmh1:~] esxcli system uuid get

How to get hostname and domain

[root@vmh1:~] esxcli system hostname get
Domain Name: griffiths.local
Fully Qualified Domain Name: vmh1.griffiths.local
Host Name: vmh1

How to get current load

[root@vmh1:~] esxcli system process stats load get
Load1Minute: 0.13
Load15Minutes: 0.15
Load5Minutes: 0.15

Count of running processes

[root@vmh1:~] esxcli system process stats running get
Running Processes: 667

Boot device information

[root@vmh1:~] esxcli system boot device get
Boot Filesystem UUID: c1341d71-f540cf9f-60c5-9b28cab78741
Boot NIC:
Stateless Boot NIC:

List of loaded modules

[root@vmh1:~] esxcli system module list
Name Is Loaded Is Enabled
—————————– ——— ———-
vmkernel true true
chardevs true true
user true true

Info on a specific module

[root@vmh1:~] esxcli system module get -m vmkernel
Module: vmkernel
Module File:
Version: Version Releasebuild-3825889
Build Type:
Provided Namespaces:
Required Namespaces:
Containing VIB: unknown
VIB Acceptance Level: unknown

Log rotation and syslog settings

[root@vmh1:~] esxcli system syslog config get
Default Network Retry Timeout: 180
Dropped Log File Rotation Size: 100
Dropped Log File Rotations: 10
Enforce SSLCertificates: false
Local Log Output: /scratch/log
Local Log Output Is Configured: false
Local Log Output Is Persistent: true
Local Logging Default Rotation Size: 1024
Local Logging Default Rotations: 8
Log To Unique Subdirectory: false
Message Queue Drop Mark: 90
Remote Host: udp://log.griffiths.local:514

CPU Infomation

[root@vmh1:~] esxcli hardware cpu global get
CPU Packages: 1
CPU Cores: 4
CPU Threads: 4
Hyperthreading Active: false
Hyperthreading Supported: false
Hyperthreading Enabled: true
HV Support: 3
HV Replay Capable: true
HV Replay Disabled Reasons:

[root@vmh1:~] esxcli hardware cpu list
Id: 0
Package Id: 0
Family: 6
Model: 23
Type: 0
Stepping: 10
Brand: GenuineIntel
Core Speed: 2000070668
Bus Speed: 333345099
APIC ID: 0x0
Node: 0
L2 Cache Size: 6291456
L2 Cache Associativity: 24
L2 Cache Line Size: 64
L2 Cache CPU Count: 2
L3 Cache Size: -1
L3 Cache Associativity: -1
L3 Cache Line Size: -1
L3 Cache CPU Count: 2

Memory and Numa information

[root@vmh1:~] esxcli hardware memory get
Physical Memory: 34358984704 Bytes
Reliable Memory: 0 Bytes
NUMA Node Count: 1

Dump bios information and settings

[root@vmh1:~] smbiosDump
Dumping live SMBIOS data!
BIOS Info: #1
Size: 0x00018
Vendor: “Hewlett-Packard”
Version: “786F4 v01.32”
Date: “10/15/2008”
Start Address: 0xe0000
ROM Size: 1024 kB


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