Remove a vCenter from a PSC Domain

With the new architecture for platform services controller (PSC)  I expect we will see a lot more vCenter’s joined to a central platform services controller.   At one point I had two vCenter’s connected to one PSC.  I deleted one vCenter but continued to get the error:

Could not connect to one or more vCenter Server systems.


My PSC log was riddled with connection failures and it seemed to run really slow.   Removal is easy and thanks to the VMware team it’s well documented.   In my case the PSC was a Linux appliance so I ran the following command:

cmsso-util unregister –hostID 1234 –node-pnid vCenter2.griffiths.local -username administrator@vsphere.local –passwd password


This is all documented in the following KB: 2106736.

I could not locate an explaination of what hostID to use so I duplicated the one from the KB article and it worked.  My errors are gone.

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