vcloud Director my virtual machine cannot get http to work unless it’s on the same node as vShield Edge

The name says most of it.  You have a ORG vapp that cannot get http to work.  DNS works.. telnet works but true http connections will not work.  I spent a bunch of time troubleshooting this issue with vmware support and the end result: somewhere upstream my MTU was not set to 1600 breaking VXLAN.   You can test this by moving the VM to the same esxi host as the vshield edge.  If it works while on that node it’s a MTU issue on VXLAN trust me.

How do you prove it?  Login to the ESXi host and locate the virtual IP for VXLAN on another node (assume it’s and use this command:

vmkping -s 1547 -d

If it hangs then your have MTU issues somewhere.

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