Month: February 2012


Vmware ESXi Virual disk types

When creating virtual disks in ESXi there are lots of questions that most people ignore.  90% of the time you can ignore them but a few can really help performance. […]


Vmware ESXi Virtual network interface cards choosing a network adapter for your virtual machine

Classic question there are all these virtual networking adapter types which one do I choose?  99% of the people you talk to will tell you they let vmware choose when […]


Files that make up a virtual machine ESXi

For the longest time I always wondered what exactly all those files inside your directory do and their purpose so here is a handy guide:   Configuration File -> VM_name.vmx […]


Lock down port speed on a brocade switch

Well this one is pretty simple and a lot of vendors still want the port speeds locked down.  So first of all use   switchshow   To show the current […]


Upgrade the firmware on a brocade switch

Yep I love doing this…. it’s really easy as long as you have an FTP server or run ftp on your desktop and have firewalls allowed…   The brocade switch […]


How to add an entry in a subdomain without adding the domain

So you need a subdomain in your dns but you only need one and don’t want to create a whole new file… well it’s really easy…   Assume that you […]


How to setup more than one ip address in dns (DNS Round robin)

So I bet you have seen what happens when you look up the Ip address for .. you get five or six different IP addresses your client takes the […]

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