How to add space to a ext3 lvm online

Logical Volumes are great you can add disk space without unmounting disk.  With ext3 you can expand that space without a downtime.  It’s easy.


Assume you add a new disk called /dev/sdg and you partition it into a single partition to keep the blocked lined up with your storage system. Now you have /dev/sdg1

Make it into pv’s


pvcreate /dev/sdg1


Now add it to your current logical volume called storage with the following command


vgextend storage /dev/sdg1


Use vgdisplay to show how many pv’s are used and now many are free… using the next command we need to add them together..


lvextend -l number_of_pvs /dev/storage/storage


Now you need to expand the ext3 which can take some time:


resize2fs /dev/storage/storage


And wait …


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