Fixing Transcodes and nuvexports

Use replex to fix them

It turns out that the raw stream isn’t quite compatible with the DVD standard. There is apparently a small glitch in some of the hardware encoding done by the chip on my PVR-150 encoder. As such, another round of processing needs to be done to detect these glitches and patch them. A command-line tool has been written which does just that: replex.

Here’s the syntax:

$replex -t DVD -k -o Out.mpg In.mpg

The above command would take an input file In.mpg, generated by nuvexport, and create a new, fully DVD compatible file Out.mpg. A slightly fancier command can be done to process all the .mpg files in a particular directory:

$find . -name '*.mpg' -print0 | xargs -0 -i replex -t DVD -k -o '{}'.replexed '{}'

This will take all input files as ending with the .mpg file extension, process them, and generate outputs that have the same base name but with ‘replexed’ appended as the new file extension.

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