Journey to an Automated Cloud Part 2

Last week I was pleased to present on the VMworld vBrownBag stage on reference architecture for automation.   I was given 15 minutes which really cannot bring the topic justice so I focused on a few simple concepts:

  • Just documenting the process you will miss all the human intelligence that goes into making the process a success
  • Human intelligence is required to make any automation a sucess (you have to identify possible situations)
  • Focus on creating standards then writing process to enforce and automate the standards
  • Once standards and process are in place test it a lot with humans who document what is missing
  • Once automation of simple modular unit’s are in place you can then add complexity and gain flexibility


Original picture source unknown

You can watch my presentation here:


Unfortunately the audio got messed up during the video’s so the originals can be found here:

The first one shows even with human knowledge you might not always make a perfect sandwich

This video shows what it’s like to be a computer literally blind.. yet still with some human intelligence showing how hard it is to automate:

My daughters were very kind to assist with the presentation and stole the show.   I am thankful for vBrownBag providing me an opportunity they are an awesome group.

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