PowerCLI Change vSphere Alarms to send emails

vSphere 5 comes with a slew of really great alarms prebuilt by VMWare.   There is only one problem by default they all just alarm in the GUI.  I really want to avoid having someone login to find out status.  One organization I worked for had a ticketing system that accepted input as emails.  It was not the cleanest but it worked.  So here are some generic alarms that I recommend switching to email notifications.


“Datastore usage on disk”
“Health status changed Alarm”
“Health status monitoring”
“Insufficient vSphere HA failover resources”
“VMKernel NIC not configured correctly”
“vSphere HA failover in progress”
“vSphere HA host status”


Yes you can manually change them to send emails in the GUI… but it’s a lot quicker to use PowerCLI.  Here are the commands:


Get-AlarmDefinition "Datastore usage on disk" | New-AlarmAction -Email -To “your_email@domain.com” -Subject "Datastore usage on disk" 
Get-AlarmDefinition "Health status changed Alarm" | New-AlarmAction -Email -To “your_email@domain.com” -Subject "Health status changed Alarm" 
Get-AlarmDefinition "Health status monitoring" | New-AlarmAction -Email -To “your_email@domain.com” -Subject "Health status monitoring" 
Get-AlarmDefinition "Insufficient vSphere HA failover resources" | New-AlarmAction -Email -To “your_email@domain.com” -Subject "Insufficient vSphere HA failover resources"
Get-AlarmDefinition "VMKernel NIC not configured correctly" | New-AlarmAction -Email -To “your_email@domain.com” -Subject "VMKernel NIC not configured correctly"
Get-AlarmDefinition "vSphere HA failover in progress" | New-AlarmAction -Email -To “your_email@domain.com” -Subject "vSphere HA failover in progress"
Get-AlarmDefinition "vSphere HA host status" | New-AlarmAction -Email -To “your_email@domain.com” -Subject "vSphere HA host status"



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