vRealize Orchestrator scaling with 4K displays

I ran into this issue this week.   vRealize Orchestrator with Windows 10 on 4K displays makes the UI so small not even my seven year old could read it.   For those lucky enough to have 4K displays it’s a real challenge.  It’s a problem with java and dpi scaling not Orchestrator but it’s a magical challenge.   As much as I want to return to the day of using magnify glasses to read computer screens… here is a simple fix.


Download the client.jnlp and run it from an administrative command line with the following command:


javaws -J -Dsun.java2d.dpiaware=false client.jnlp


This should fix your vision issues and it’s cheaper that a new pair of glasses.

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  1. Hello Joseph, I was pleased and surprised to see that out of all the Internets that you had this answer for my question! Hope you are doing well and thank you. It should be clear above though that there should not be a space between the -J and -Dsun.java2d.dpiaware=false That tripped me up for a few minutes, not being a javaws expert.

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