vRO Action to return virtual machines with a specific tag

I am a huge fan of tags in vSphere.   Meta data is the king for modular control and policy based administration.   I wrote a action for a lab I presented at VMUG sessions.   It takes the name of a tag as a string and returns the names of all virtual machines as an array of strings.  It does require a VAPI endpoint setup as explained here: (http://www.thevirtualist.org/vsphere-6-automation-vro-7-tags-vapi-part-i/) Here it is:


Return Type: Array/String (Could be Array VC:VirtualMachine)

Parameter: tagNameToMatch string

Code: return_vm_with_tag

 // array to hold the vm names
 var vmsWithSpecificTag = new Array();
 // VAPI connection
 var endpoints = VAPIManager.getAllEndpoints();
 //Use the first returned endpoint to gather information
 var client = endpoints[0].client();
 //var client = end.client(); 
 //Get associations
 var tagging = new com_vmware_cis_tagging_tag__association(client);
 //Get tags
 var tagMgr = new com_vmware_cis_tagging_tag(client);
 //Create object to hold VM
 var objId = new com_vmware_vapi_std_dynamic__ID() ;

//Get all virtual machines
 vms = System.getModule("com.vmware.library.vc.vm").getAllVMs();
 //loop though virtual machines
 for each (vm in vms)
 // assign VM data to object
 objId.id = vm.id;
 // assign VM data to object
 objId.type = vm.vimType;
 //Get tags assigned to VM
 var tagList = tagging.list_attached_tags(objId);
 //Loop through VM assigned tags
 for each (var tagId in tagList) {
 //get object on tag
 var theTag = tagMgr.get(tagId);
 //assign name to compare
 var tagName=theTag.name;
 //compare to our requested tag
 if (tagName == tagNameToMatch) {
 System.log("VM : " + vm.name + " has the tag : " + tagName );
 // add to array

return vmsWithSpecificTag;

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