A way to check DEM health with vRO

I have been doing a lot of vRA so expect more articles.  One concern I had was with a distributed architecture it’s hard outside the vRA web gui to identify failed DEM workers.  I opened a case with VMware BCS (Business critical support – it’s awesome worth every penny) and my engineer Adam provided a custom solution for monitoring the DEMs.  

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I want to be clear this is not VMware support but does work on the 6.x versions.  I have not tested on 7 yet.   Adam created a vRO plugin that emails you when the DEM’s have failed but since it’s vRO you could open a ticket in your ticketing system or do almost anything.   I wanted to share this awesome script and the work Adam did to help me solve a problem.  Download here:


He also runs a blog here http://scriptdeez.com/  which seems to be expired right now… I hope he resolves soon.


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