In a previous article I used the GUI to deploy a basic NSX setup I wanted to do the same thing using the RESTAPI.   Remember the manual process took me about 20 minutes to complete the RESTAPI calls took one minute.   I am defining the network setup via code.  Please review this article for specifics on design here.


To publish new NSX configurations on Edges you need to do POSTS against : https://nsx-manager-address/api/4.0/edges with the body type of XML/Application

Inside the body you need to modify a few things (if you do a dump of a current edge)

  • Add a cli password section
  • Modify the name of the Edge if it’s a duplicate name (or remove the old)


Add cli password section as shown below with your password (you can change via GUI once deployed)

Then use the following code to deploy the ESG-3 (resource pool etc is unique to my environment so you have to change too)


Same thing for the LDR

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