Brocade Zoning via Scripting for FOS 7

About four years ago I wrote about how to do fiber channel zoning on Brocade switches using scripts.   The CLI on brocade is really feature rich but not super documented… most people use the GUI.     Well the times have changed and so have the commands so here is the super duper updated command set for FOS 7.   You can read the old post here.

Assume that we are making a single zone with a HBA and storage system:

Storage_SPA  50:01:43:81:02:45:DE:47
Server_HBA  50:01:23:45:FE:34:52:12

Steps at a glance:

  1. Use alicreate to create aliases
  2. Use zonecreate to create zones
  3. Use zoneadd to add an additional alias
  4. Use cfgadd to add new zone to active set
  5. Use cfgsave to save active set
  6. Use cfgenable to enable set


Step 1: alicreate “NAME”, “WWN”

alicreate “Storage_SPA”, “50:01:43:81:02:45:DE:47”

alicreate “Server_HBA”  “50:01:23:45:FE:34:52:12”


Step 2: zonecreate “NAME”, “First_Alias”

zonecreate “Server_To_Storage_SPA”, “Storage_SPA”


Step 3: zoneadd “NAME”, “Second_Alias”

zoneadd “Server_To_Storage_SPA”, “Server_HBA”

(use again to add multiples)


Step 4:cfgadd “Your_Config_Name”,”Zone_Name”

cfgadd “production_cfg”, “Server_To_Storage_SPA”


Step 5: cfgsave



Step 6: cfgenable Your_Config_Name

cfgenable production_cfg


You can also check your work with

zoneshow “Your_Zone_Name”


Thanks for reading

 Update: @MartinMune2341 Provided the link to the latest CLI reference guide here.  Thank you sir

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