NSX Manager still running but disconnected from vCenter

A quick note in case you run into this issue.   I was running into problems where my NSX manager was running and everything seemed fine (NSX manager login / Console) but I could not manage NSX elements from inside vCenter.   No NSX manager was showing up.   Reconnecting to vCenter or rebooting would resolve this issue but then I had the problem again the next day.   I could not figure out the issue… then it dawned on me what happens every day…. BACKUP!   Somehow my NSX manager was added to the nightly backup and it would lose connection during this time.    Here is the only approved method for backing up a NSX manager:

  1. Use the configuration backup in the NSX manager administration console to make normal and regular backups


To recover a NSX manager do the following:

  1. Deploy a new NSX manager using OVF (same version of NSX as backup) with same IP as original manager
  2. Restore the configuration from the backup
  3. Reboot the NSX manager to ensure clean configuration
  4. Ensure it shows up in the GUI


Image level backups are not supported or a good idea 🙂

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4 thoughts on “NSX Manager still running but disconnected from vCenter

  1. Top tip, I think we have the same issue at our place…waiting for our backup team to confirm.

  2. I thought it had fixed the issue but it’s surfaced again today, any other pointers appreciated.

  3. Beyond what I posted I am not sure. Run a backup of the manager and re-deploy is my only other suggestion. I would contact VMware support before you do any more.

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