PowerCLI: List how much storage thin provisioning is taking

Ever wonder how much storage is used by your thin provisioned luns?  Well here is some power shell to find out:


Thin provisioned allocation


# Define Variables
$outputFile = 'C:\VMDiskCapacity.csv'
$myCol = @()    # Prepare output collection
$VMs = Get-VM | sort Name    # Get all VMs (sorted)
$counter = 0    # Initialize counter for progress bar
ForEach ($VM in $VMs)    # Loop through VMs
   $counter++    # Increase counter for progress bar
   Write-Progress -Activity "Gathering disk information" -Status "Processing VM $VM" -PercentComplete (100*($counter/$VMs.count))    #
   $myObj = "" |
   select VM, TotalDiskSizeGB # Create output object
   $myObj.VM = $VM.Name    # Virtual Machine Name

   $TotalDiskSizeKB = 0
   ForEach ($DISK in $VM.HardDisks)
      $TotalDiskSizeKB += $DISK.CapacityKB

   $myObj.TotalDiskSizeGB = [math]::Round(($TotalDiskSizeKB * 1KB / 1GB),0) #Disk Size in GB
   $myCol += $myObj    # Add output to collection
$myCol | Export-Csv $outputFile -NoTypeInformation  # Export output to csv


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