In the previous set of articles I discussed the following:

In this article I will discuss how to create the reference design from the following:


The reference replicate design should be:

So we need to add two new replication agreements.

PSC1 <->PC3

First login to psc1.griffiths.local and enable shell.  Then change the directory into /usr/lib/vmware-vmdir/bin

Look at the current agreements

Add an agreement with psc3.griffiths.local using the following command:

./vdcrepadmin -f createagreement -2 -h psc3.griffiths.local -u Administrator -H psc1.griffiths.local

You can see that we now have two agreements.   Rinse and repeat on PSC2 <=> PSC4 and we have the VVD topology.  Notice in this example that I did everything from PSC1 while referencing different PSC’s:

Now you have your replication agreements.   Looking at the vdcrepadmin command you have the following options

This essentially allows you to:

  • Show replication partners – showpartners
  • Show replication status (including latest replication number) – showpartnerstatus
  • Show all PSC’s in domain – showservers
  • Create replication agreement – createagreement
  • Remove replication agreement (don’t remove all) – removeagreement
  • Check that the PSC has done initial replication – isfirstcycledone

So there you have it health is checked via showpartnerstatus.


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