VMware predefined NIOC settings what do they mean?

Recently I was setting up a new 5.5 cluster with NIOC and I noticed all the new NIOC pre-build categories:

Untitled (1)


Some are obvious but others are a little more questionable.  After a great discussion with VMware support I found out the following:

  • NFS traffic – This is traffic using the NFS bindings in ESXi (not guest NFS traffic) only ESXi NFS traffic
  • Management Traffic – ESXi management traffic only – connections between vcenter and ESXi
  • vMotion Traffic – vMotion and heartbeats
  • vSphere storage Area network traffic – I had a lot of questions on this one but it turned out to be simple vSAN only traffic
  • vSphere replication traffic – Traffic coming from the vsphere replication appliance only no other replication traffic
  • iSCSI traffic – As expected it’s traffic to ESXi that is iSCSI using hardware or software initiator
  • Virtual Machine traffic – Traffic out of guest virtual machines
  • Fault Tolerance Traffic – Traffic specific to vmware FT

There is all the predefined ones… what if I create a user defined category and assign it to my NFS port group… which assigns NIOC.   Simple the one with the larger share.

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